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New Inquiry Spare Part Handling Tool - Efecte

The new inquiry tool - Efecte, will change the way in which inquiries are being handled in Singapore Distribution Centre (DC).

The system will allow us to monitor and measure on our respond time, so as to enhance the service level to our valued customers.

With effect from 14 October 2009, all spare parts inquiries will have to be sent to the mailbox - [email protected]. Efecte will generate an auto reply via email with the assigned Service ID to customers for all new inquiries received. The Service ID will need to be mentioned in the email subject line as reference whenever you were to contact us with regards to the inquiry.

In order to improve on the respond time, we would like you to provide us with the following information for all inquiries:

  1. Hoist type and serial number
  2. Item description
  3. Detailed specifications or part number
  4. Quantity
  5. Project name/Customer

If additional information is required from our end, it will be asked via email that includes the Service ID and the name of the person handling the inquiry. Please reply to the mailbox accordingly and do not send email directly to the person in charge of that inquiry. This is to ensure that all correspondences of the same subject will be linked to the issued Service ID for tracking purpose.

As Efecte is a new tool being rollout, there might be some delays seen during the initial stage of handling. We would like to seek for your kind cooperation to bear with us during the transition period.

We look forward to your continued support and would like to assure you that with the new tool in place, it will definitely help to improve on our respond time and customer service level in the long run. For any questions or comments with regards to Efecte, please contact Cynthia Tan, Spare Parts Manager.