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Portal harbor cranes

Innovation on rails

Konecranes Gottwald Portal Harbor Cranes are state-of-the-art, economical cranes running on rails that can be easily integrated into terminal infrastructure. Their strengths:
  • Use on special-purpose quays for tough. continuous-duty bulk handling
  • Use on quays equipped with rails for loading onto trains, trucks and conveyor belts
  • Modular construction
  • Comparatively low total weight

Individual portal solutions

  • Track gauges from 10 to 22 m (approx. 33 feet to 72 feet)
  • Clearance heights from 4 to 8 m  (approx. 13 feet to 26 feet)
  • Trains, HGVs and conveyors can move underneath
  • For existing quays and new quay constructions

Modular construction

  • Short delivery lead times
  • Low investment costs for the crane and the quay infrastructure
  • Attractive alternative to ship-to-shore gantries with a grab and continuous ship unloaders
  • State-of-the-art, versatile replacement in terminals that have been using outdated, rail-mounted handling machines


* 2: Two-rope crane for handling containers, general and project cargo and bulk with motor grab
    4: Four-rope grab variant for professional heavy-duty bulk handling

Models also available as these types:

Mobile harbor cranes
Floating cranes
Rubber-tired portal harbor cranes