Crane Training


Do your operators know emergency stop signals, the amount of weight they can safely lift or emergency shutdown procedures for your cranes?

Safety training for crane operators

Crane accidents cause workplace injuries to crane operators, workers on the job site, and even people nearby. Majority of crane accidents are caused by human errors, which may result in safety risk and uncontrollable downtime of the cranes. The accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training and crane usage.

Extensive user training and crane safety courses

Safety is the top priority for Konecranes. We provide extensive specialized training and instructions not only for our technicians and inspectors, but also for your service staff and crane operators. We customize and specify your lifting equipment training requirements. We offer a total support package that aim to add value to your workforce and increase safety awareness at your workplace.

We combine all your training requirements, from basic crane operator training to a personalized training seminar to meet your company's unique requirement. We offer crane operator training, health and safety training, train-the-trainer courses as well as crane maintenance training in some locations.  

The Crane Operator Operation and Safety Course are designed specifically for crane operators and plant supervisory personnel who are responsible for overhead crane safety. We have Konecranes Institute located in USA, and a training school in UK.

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